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What We Believe

About First UU Congregation

The Church of the Open Heart and Mind
We understand reality through human experience, enlightened reason, scientific method, and the democratic process. We find the central source of power and goodness within the human heart, mind, and spirit. Individually and collectively, we assume responsibility for our future, our community, our children, and our interdependent world.

We are dedicated to promoting the ongoing search for truth and to affirming the inherent worth of the individual.

Our growth and actions as thoughful, compassionate, and ethical human beings advance our vision of a world of peace and love, dignity and equality, freedom and justice.

We are a welcoming congregation which means that we affirm all individuals regardless of sexual orientation or preference.

Our History

Originally, we were formed as a Universalist gathering in 1875.

Time of Services

10:30 AM Morning Worship
9:15 AM Rational Free Thinkers Meet

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Terre Haute, Indiana
First Unitarian Univeralist Congregation

1875 S. Fruitridge Ave.

P.O. Box 3070

Terre Haute, Indiana 47803

Phone: 812.232.1193

Email: uuputer@yahoo.com

Sunday Services: 10:30 AM